Friday, August 22, 2014

Define Love

" You’ll never know unless you try. Love may mean differently depending on your experiences. At the age of 15 love may be something that makes my heart beat when a crush looks at me. At the age of 22 it may mean a love focused on yourself. At 24 it may mean its all about the moments, its about being patient. Its different but its an all or nothing journey. You have to experience it on your own to FEEL it. Cos after all, no one really has an exact definition of what it is. But as we grow older and acquire experiences, our perspective grows."

-10:46 message on a Sunday night from my sister.



My baby sister is turning 1 year old in a month. Back then she was just tiny and I would make her fall asleep
when my mom's tired. My girl cousin got married last year and has a baby, now my boy cousin is having his own baby too. And my sisters their too busy with their careers while me, Im about to be in college. Picking a school that would give me my future. Everything is passing by so fast that sometimes we dont pause for a little while and think what we've done in the past that made us be here where we're standing.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Dova Brunch Cafe

They used different kinds of frames for their interior.

 It speaks about their resto and the food they serve.

The burgers there are delish and its actually heavy that you could share one order with a friend.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

DIY Necklace

                                        1. Pendants                                                  3. Scissors
                                        2. Twine                                                      4. Hook clasp
                                                                   5. Ring hook clasp