Thursday, February 19, 2015


AC's Family Day


 When you want to stay fit and healthy go for Midway. I love how fresh their ingredients are its very savory.

Their place is not that big but it sure does feel like home.


KV, Me, Emma, Xarla, Pai, Nina, Toenette *inserts Faye*
I am beyond thankful that I met these people before ending my last year in High School. We had some crazy adventures this school year. I know its all going by so fast. I remember being seatmates with just two of them and here we are planning some trips for summer.


          My weekend started with a roadtrip heading to my friends place in Miagao.

     Had Japanese dinner at Sulu Garden

    Swam at the back beach with them.


     Went back to the city and captured Apple embracing the sunset.


      Finally to end my night we had mexican for dinner at Mooon Cafe.

Another Chapter

 So this is a photo of my friend kissing me (obviously).

I had dinner with them on my 16th birthday. It was just a casual dinner for us to talk about the things that's been going on in our life so we could all catch up in wherever part we are in.

Saturday, November 29, 2014


                     Mango Pizza

                      Turtle Island


So I see tons of artsy photos on the internet and a tumblr photo caught my attention. One sorta like my photo and I just had to try it if it would work and it did!